quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2009

Set yourself free

Why coming back to those places once visited, to those places places where the only image you had of me was a shadow of my soul?

Why do you keep asking for attention just to feel that you’re alive, that you there, that you want to be noticed, that you don’t want to be forgotten?

Haven’t I spoke the words correctly? Haven’t I told you loud and clearly?

Do you really thought that one day, someday, I'd given up my beliefs and go back there?

I’ve been there, I lived there… I know what looks like.

And I don’t want to come back.

As long as you live your life like that, asking, demanding, you’ll never be free, you’ll never be yourself, you’ll never find the true meaning of life… of love…

1 comentário:

  1. Uma vida triste, sem estusiasmo nem alma...

    Já só tenho uma palavra: compaixão...

    Compaixão por quem, infelizmente, não conhece o que é AMAR de verdade...

    Beijo de LUZ!


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